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The Camino del Norte

San Sebastian (Espagne)


The Camino del Norte, the North Way or Coastal Path, is so called because it follows the Atlantic coast along the north of Spain. It was used by pilgrims coming by sea and disembarking in the Basque and Cantabrian ports.

The use of this itinerary is recorded later than for the Camino Francés. The coastal towns did not develop before the end of the 12th C., and the provision of facilities for pilgrims only began in the 14th C. thanks to the building of hospitals and churches along the route.

Nowadays, the Camino del Norte is a real adventure trail, wild and challenging, far removed from the "pedestrian highway" of the Camino Francés. From the Basque country to Galicia it crosses mountainous regions,  hugs the banks of rias and creeks, and takes you to see heritage whose architecture is pre-Romanesque. The climate is similar to that of Brittany : mild and damp all year round.

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